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“I was working in the Glacier National Park, a gorgeous place to live and to work if… you like to do much activities, like hiking and climbing, tubing and water skating.

That summer was one of the hottest in the history of Montana, there was no rain since the end of May. One day (in the end of July)we were on the lake swimming and getting tanned when we noticed the column of smoke and fire. We were told that the forest fire had started. We were naive and sincerely thought that it would be put down really quick.

So next day we had a day off and decided to do a long hike up to the top of the Glacier. So me and a girl from Lithuania had started early in the morning, but the strange thing was that while we were going up everyone was going down the mountain. ALL Americans were VERY VERY NICE, all of them said ‘hello”, or “have a good day”, but it was the 4th hour of our hike when one of the passers-be asked us: “What are you doing girls? Don’t you know that the park is being evacuated, everything is going to be closed coz we are in danger to be caught up in the fire if it crosses the road.” We harried back, when we got down it was a ghost village.

Everyone was gone. Our dorm was empty, all our things, all our documents and visas were gone — good people have saved them from fire as we have found out later. We got stressed out for a while but then two of our friends came and took us to the safe place and for about 2 weeks till the park was reopened. But this story got into a papers we were interviewed and stuff and now I have pictures of fires, have an American newspaper with an article and our interview.”

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