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“Well. During that summer I did a lot of active things. But the main thing for me is that I was taught to climb rocks. After our park was closed for the season because of the fires, I still had more than months in US and no job and place to live. I didn’t worry much about all this later one of my really good friends who is kayaked and rock climber had a friend who invited me to spend in his house as much time as we want.

He was the craziest person I’ve ever met, professional climber, photographer and great human, his house was full of gear for climbing, snowboards and pictures of him naked. He decided that I had to be a climber too. And that was fun, I climbed like a monkey especially after I was pushed down by him from cliffs for several times.

Oh well! But the thing is that during one of our climbs we met a guy one of his friends who appeared to have the title of the rock climber of the 20th century. He did his own winter ice, climbed on Everest which was never repeated by anyone. Now he is traveling all round the world teaching rock climbing. I was very lucky to meet such a person. He taught me to climb and just became a friend of mine (though he’s about 50). This is unforgettable experience!!!

The thing about going to America is that your stereotypes about Americans and America will be changed and you will probably have an opportunity to meet great people who may become your friends for life. As now I’m keeping in touch with almost all 30 people I was working with, they are from Columbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Australia, Lithuania and of course America. Don’t lose your chance to meet people, it means more than money you can get in America (though money is not a bad thing either!!!)”

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